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Authenticity Test

How to tell if your fishes are Genuine Garra Rufa???

To find out if your Doctor fishes are REAL, test them with 36-40 Degrees Celsius Temperatures.


Other types of Garra fishes will NOT be able to survive such temperatures.




Use this test to verify their authenticity.


Only AUTHENTIC & GENUINE Garra Rufa can withstand such temperatures.





If other sources tell you that their fishes must be kept in below 30 Degree Celsius Temperatures, please think twice about wasting your money.


It is a known fact that only Garra Rufa lives in 36-40 Degrees Celsius Temperatures.




If you go to a Fish Spa and the water is cold, you are most probably paying for treatment with imitation Dr fishes which has poor nibbling and no skin benefits at all.


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