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About Garra Rufa

The Garra Rufa species is being researched in Turkey for it's enzyme secretions known as Dithranol which has skin regenerating properties for the production of skin creams.


Dithranol (INN) or Anthralin (USAN and former BAN) is a Hydroxyanthrone, anthracene derivative, medicine applied to the skin of people with psoriasis. It is available as creams, ointment or pastes in 0.1 to 2% strengths (Drithocreme, Dithrocream, Zithranol-RR, Micanol, Psorlin, Dritho-Scalp, Anthraforte, Anthranol and Anthrascalp).

The terms dithranol and anthralin are sometimes used synonymously.

Garra Rufa Authentic Wild Breed

Garra Rufa are the only choice for doctor fish therapy due to it's unique way of nibbling like a sucker fish which is gentle and comfortable to the human skin. Other alternatives are unable to provide the same quality treatment.


Our Company harvests Garra Rufa from their natural habitat in the wilds. Researchers have found that these wild breed fishes have stronger resistance to diseases due to their stronger physique and immune system. They are also found to have the ability of nibbling non-stop even when they are full grown at 7cm (maximum size).

Furthermore, it has been reported by 85% of our clients that our Garra Rufa fishes are breeding and reproducing every year.

Our company do not sterilize the Garra Rufa.

It has been found that the wild breed Garra Rufa has unique qualities and abilities to nibble even when they are full from consuming dead skin cells which brings us to the point that it is vital to have the right quantity of fishes to serve your customers so as to avoid any "over-eating" incidents.

To identify the Garra Rufa, look out for a black distinct dot on the gill and tail. The pigmentation of their body has to be smooth and consistent grey as seen on the above mentioned photo.

Our Garra Rufa fishes have been verified by the US Fish & Wildlife, UK Fisheries and AVA Singapore.

All existing clients have reported that the Wild Breed Garra Rufa fishes do not seem to stop nibbling after each turn-over of customers even after closing hours. Many are satisfied with the service provided by these amazing fishes. 


Farm Breed Garra Rufa fishes are unable to offer such quality in this aspect. It is also reported that 99% of our clients do not need to replenish their stocks due to the extremely low mortality of the Wild Breed Garra Rufa fishes which also by the way do reproduce at least once a year in good water conditions as mentioned.

100% Satisfaction!

"That is why we supply the best Garra Rufa caught from the Wilds!"

"Nature can never get closer than this!"



Worldwide Delivery by The Princes Association Since 2007

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