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This page contains testimonies sent in by some of our existing clients.



"my eczema condition has improved tremendously ever since I started using Garra Rufa as part of my daily treatment!


Cynthia Goh

Marketing Executive




"I am a fanatic supporter of doctor fish therapy because they have helped  my 12 yr old daughter's skin condition. Although she is still on medication for psoriasis, these Garra Rufa fishes are a great additional treatment which really helps to sooth her condition."


Richard Fernandez




"I've recently purchased the Golden Package and am very satisfied with the quality of both tank and Garra Rufa fishes.

My friends & relatives are now interested to get the package as well!"


Linda Summers




"I have really enjoyed this latest treatment in the spas and have even signed up a package for it. It is really worth every cent because nature can never be so close as this."


Diana Poon

Full-Time Housewife




"I would like to thank you for helping me understand the difference between Garra Rufa and other breed of fishes. Even though it is costlier to purchase the Garra Rufa, I still feel it is a good investment for the long run and my customers totally love them! I have seen an increase in package sign ups since I started using Garra Rufa as part of my salon services.”


Rachel Sim




“I used to have warts growing on my toes but now they are all gone! Thanks to the Garra Rufa fishes!”





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